Secured Personal Loans

Secured Personal Loans

Whether to pay off existing debts or splash out on a dream holiday or car, we provide secured personal loans with manageable monthly repayments and a flexible deal to suit your needs.

Get a low cost, no obligation, secured personal loan quote from VERIFY ONLINE LOANS , it couldn't be easier! Fill in our application form today and one of our experienced loan underwriters will get in contact to progress your loan swiftly. VERIFY ONLINE LOANS has helped over 250,000 customers with their secured personal loan deal.

  • You may borrow over any term (1 - 50 years) and borrow any amount ($5,000 - $100,000,000) for any purpose.
  • There are thousands of lending plans available. We offer loans at 2% interest rate.
  • No proof of income is needed for some products. A little deposit is required for the registration process of any loan amount and this is determine by your loan amount.
  • All decisions, in principle, are usually made within 24 hours.
  • We will consider all circumstances including mortgage arrears, county court judgments, defaults or a poor credit rating.
  • Fixed for 5 years, fixed for the whole loan term and variable rates are available on very competitive terms.
  • We can help people who are self employed.
  • Facilities available for retired applicants, for people in receipt of pension/benefit income and agency workers.

What our client say?

"I needed capital in June … but was turned down for a bank loan because of my credit score. VOL gave us the chance we needed, they stuck their neck out for us.”"
–Dave Wilkins (Ireland)

“With the lenders I’ve dealt with before, I could never get a straight answer on what it was going to take to borrow money, and exactly what it was going to take for me to pay it back. With VOL, it was awesome. Every question got answered, there was no red tape, it was straight to the facts…they understand small business.” –Rochelle Hunter Mosley, Owner of Salon 804 (Berlin)

“I already had an existing dry cleaning business in another city, and an opportunity came to expand. We tried to go through traditional banks and private lenders, and unfortunately the experience was very hard and the terms were harder. So I called VOL, and within two days I was able to get the funds that I needed. We were able to improve our business and the process was very, very easy.” –Eli Kik, Owner of Somerset Cleaners (Atlanta)

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